logo-lifelong Lifelong Door Management Service (LifeLong)

LifeLong is UniAccess’s comprehensive door management programme. We help to ensure your assets are cared for throughout their lifespan to maximise their usefulness, safety and reliability. This helps to reduce on-going costs; and ensures you comply with current health & safety legislation.At UniAccess customer care is our first priority; by signing up to a Lifelong contract you will receive individual attention and the very highest standards of support. With our package of exclusive offers and benefits you have peace of mind that your door are in safe hands.

Lifelong Product Warranties

For complete peace of mind our products can be covered by extended warranties of 1, 3, 5 or even 10 years. Product warranties help you to fix your operational costs and minimize unexpected and expensive repair bills.

Planned Maintenance

All doors require regular maintenance through their lifetime. Legislation places a duty of care on building owners and occupiers to ensure their doors are maintained by a competent person. Failure to comply with this could result in prosecution, especially if a failure of the equipment should injure someone.Our LifeLong package is the most comprehensive maintenance package available. Our service engineers carry out a comprehensive inspection, taking special care to inspect areas more likely to fail; helping to ensure the doors continues to operate correctly.After every service visit we issue full reports, with detail on each door including engineers recommendations on further works required. A service certificate is issued, giving you a clear record of the service visit for Health & Safety or other requirements.

Callouts and repairs

Unfortunately emergencies do happen and a door out of action can be a major inconvenience and cost. LifeLong helps to ensure any callouts and repairs are as cost-effective and hassle-free as possible.We always ensure we get to site in these situations as quickly as possible and within 24 hours to minimise the disruption and productivity downtime to you.

When on site, our engineers have the experience and skill to quickly resolve most issues. If further parts or repairs are required we will ensure this is communicated to you, especially if further costs are involved.