Fast ways to improve efficiency
Our speed door range is the best in the industry. From freezer rooms to distribution warehouses;
pharmaceutical laboratories to engineering workshops; we can help increase your efficiency ?

We can help save you cost?
We have designed our range of products and services to help you save long-term
costs and increase the efficiency of your premises.

Global reach, local touch.
As a global company we have a supply, research and an innovation base that is entirely unique to what we
do.Through our country locations we bring that right to your doorstep.

Solutions for your world.
We come to your location to identify the best solution to your challenges.
We can help maximise the return on your investment and provide a full product guarantee.

Peace of mind, guaranteed.
Our quality products are backed up with comprehensive maintenance and repair agreements, ensuring that our
products will serve your needs for many years to come.

Welcome to UniAccess

Welcome to UniAccess

The UniAccess group of companies are located strategically around the globe; supplying a complete range of doors and access products. Our hard-earned reputation for service and innovation has us caring for the needs of many of the world’s leading industrial, manufacturing, and logistics companies.

Your Partner

We put our customers at the center of everything we do. Built on a family culture, our employee’s well-being is of great importance to ensure a healthy and happy workplace where customer service comes first. We encourage continual learning to guarantee that our skilled workforce is well-equipped to be your door and access partners for many years to come.

Our Product Range

Focused on reducing cost and improving efficiency, we offer a complete range of doors and associated access products to meet your needs. Our products help in the following areas: Energy Efficiency, Hygiene Control, Temperature Control, Sound Reduction, Area Segregation, Personnel Safety and Premises Security.

Our Services

We carry out a free site consultation to discuss your needs and how we can meet them. Our products are installed by skilled engineers who take pride in your complete satisfaction. All products are backed-up with our LifeLong maintenance and reactive repair service as well as product warranties.